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in construction: brighton dual occupancy

The brief

Our clients approached us with the goal of creating a long-term living solution in their beloved neighbourhood as they age. They made the decision to demolish their decades-old house and divide the plot in half, constructing two separate single dwellings.

Our approach

At first glance, the dual residences exhibit a minimalist street presentation that leads to remarkably luxurious minimalist spaces inside. Inspired by the architectural styles of Mies van der Rohe and Reichs’s Barcelona Pavilion, the design capitalizes on the surrounding views and conveys a sense of shared usage. Skylights strategically positioned in living areas and bathrooms create dramatic pools of light.

For the client’s unit, our focus was on facilitating comfortable aging in place. Wide hallways and concealed fixtures in the bathrooms were incorporated to accommodate potential future accessibility needs. Throughout the property, including the landscaping and the house itself, minimal maintenance was emphasized. We employed subtly high-end fixtures and finishes such as polished Venetian plaster, concrete, and marble.

Unit 2, on the other hand, was designed for resale or family use. Although slightly smaller, it still boasts three bedrooms and features the upscale finishes one would expect in a residence in Brighton.

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