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Cape Schanck Coastal

The brief

Our primary goal was to create a haven for our clients that would bathe each room in natural light and offer breathtaking views. Moreover, we aimed to establish a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces to enhance the overall living experience.

Our approach

The southern orientation, overlooking the majestic Bass Strait, presented an opportunity to embrace the views, resulting in abundant windows that draw the surrounding beauty into every corner of the home. To complement this, we created an open courtyard to the north, offering protection while allowing a glimpse of the stunning vistas.

Capturing the magical sunsets on the western horizon required careful planning. Our design incorporated a substantial overhang to shield the home from the intense westerly sun, ensuring comfort without compromising on the breathtaking sunsets. The stepped-back design of the western facade provided an added layer of protection, completing the balance of aesthetics and functionality.

We are pleased to present a home that embodies luxury living and facilitates family entertaining. This 4-bedroom residence is an oasis, featuring a gym, an naturally landscaped pool, and two protected outdoor living areas. Ample space has been thoughtfully integrated to accommodate family members and guests, promising a comfortable and lavish experience for all.

Every detail of this dwelling has been meticulously crafted, with an emphasis on quality fixtures and fittings to match the grandeur of the design. We believe that a home should be more than just a living space; it should be an embodiment of one’s vision and lifestyle.