an artistic view

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in construction: mt martha artist residence

The brief

Our clients’, a musician and an artist, wanted a home that reflected their creativity. This translated into a dynamic house with angles and angles, pushing the boundaries of conventional architecture. Preserving the environment, particularly the trees, was a key priority, influencing the house’s layout and orientation.

Our approach

Facing the challenge of a dramatic sloping block, our architects navigated the demanding landscape with precision. Maximizing views became the driving force, leading to creative solutions that respected the site’s topography and the existing coastal views to Arthur’s Seat.

The journey begins with a thoughtfully designed entry, offering an immersive experience as visitors gradually uncover the stunning panorama. The floor plan seamlessly merges creativity and functionality, with clear-story windows casting an enchanting glow.

The house’s focal point is a visionary pool concept – a container pool atop a steel structure – seamlessly merging water and living spaces. The upper-level embraces privacy, housing a master bedroom and art studio, while the lower level features a music studio, guest quarters, and multipurpose spaces.