hillside statement

scandinavian  |  modern  |  entertainer

The brief

Our clients approached us with a specific vision: they desired a Scandinavian barn-style home nestled in the lush hillside suburb of Rosanna. Being an active family, they emphasized the importance of maintaining a spacious backyard for summer cricket matches and outdoor activities.

Our approach

To fulfill their vision, we designed a home with a striking blackbutt façade, complemented by seamed metal cladding and roofing. The exquisite Australian hardwood battening not only adds to the overall aesthetic but also becomes an iconic feature within the Rosanna streetscape.

The ground floor feature a guest suite and opens to the large open living and dining area with adjacent arbored courtyard. This courtyard will be adorned with vines, providing shade during the summer months. Expansive sliding glass doors open up to a 30-metre backyard, thoughtfully levelled to create a flat playing surface.

Clever landscaping techniques were employed to address the site’s natural slope from left to right. Sloping garden beds serve the dual purpose of providing soil retention and adding visual interest. The pool takes full advantage of the slope, partially set-in to allow for minimal pool fencing. Adjacent to the pool, a generous deck provides a space for relaxation and entertainment.

Considering the family’s love for outdoor pursuits, we made sure to incorporate ample storage for their kayaks, camping equipment, surfboards, bikes, and more. A second attic was created above the garage, providing dedicated space for keeping these belongings organized and easily accessible.

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