Beach House and Holiday Home Ideas

From time to time we all dream about getting away from it all to our ideal holiday home. Whether your dream getaway is to the sea, the trees, mountains or elsewhere we have some beautiful holiday homes to share with you. From a humble beach shack to an opulent weekend residence the holiday home has many different shapes and sizes. Whatever your idea is of the perfect getaway place we’re sure you’ll find something here to call “home away from home”.

Down by the water

Nothing can beat the perfect beachside holiday. No doubt we all have childhood memories of the beach (swimming, surfing, rockpooling, sandcastles, fish’n’chips, beach cricket) that come flooding back when we engage with the fresh sea air again. There is nothing quite like the sound of waves crashing in the distance, a good book in hand and a gentle sea breeze blowing.

How about rolling out of your hammock, after your morning swim, for a spot of lunch with this view.

1 hammock

2 sea swing seats

Why not while away the hours with a lazy lunch, a glass of wine (or three) and a good book.

3 ocean shack

4 ocean wicker chair

Love these big glazed walls to help take in the scenery and let your mind drift out to sea with the tide.

5 glazed walls

6 glazed wall view ocean

Expansive ocean views

Perched high above the ocean these stunning homes exude relaxation.

7 contemporary beach house

8 beach house with stairs outdoors

9 glass doors living

10 elevated pool outdoors

Is there no greater place to be than soaking in a hot bath and watching the ever changing forces of nature?

11 indoor corner bath

12 bath overlooking town

Or how about waking up to this?

13 cosy bedroom with pillows

14 bedroom with a view

Forests and mountains

If you prefer a greener, or hillier, outlook then a tree change may just be perfect for you. Pull up a chair, sit back, relax, enjoy the shifting of the light and watch nature go about its business (way better than TV).

15 bedroom with mountain view

16 lounge with mountain view

17 picture window with rocking chair

18 desert view

19 mountain lake view

Why not take a leisurely stroll through the trees and rugged terrain, get some fresh air, take in the scenery and ponder a while on the majesty of nature.

20 backyard forest

21 bedroom forest view

22 reading room forest view

Perfect mountain hideaway: Wake up and relax with a morning coffee while admiring the morning air and beautiful view.

23 coffee mountain view

Is snow more your thing?

How about a cabin in the woods, or perhaps something a little more contemporary.
Love the clean, simple, natural, raw and warm interiors in these snow field abodes. Picture yourself snuggled up against the elements with the fire roaring while quietly contemplating the world in these serene landscapes.

24 glass wall bedroom snow

25 cosy fireplace

26 loungeroom with snow view

27 contempletative study with snow view