How to play with colour in your interiors

Colour is perhaps one of the most powerful tools we have at our fingertips for visually manipulating your interior design & feel & flow of your home design.

It is one of the oldest tricks in the books and can be utilized really easily. Colour can shape & form a space and also completely transform the mood of a space. 23720f758dcd99c6ef116980fdc5b3f1


Using dark colours in your interior design will do several things. Firstly dark colours can help walls or a ceiling advance in a space. Using a dark colours such as navy or charcoal on walls will close in a space and make the walls actually appear to be closer to you. This is a good trick to use in an overly large space when you want to create a more intimate feel to a space. Painting a ceiling dark will significantly make the ceiling appear to be encroaching on a space and would be best used when the ceiling is very high.

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The use of pale or light colours in an interior has the opposite effect of using dark colours. Using light colours will serve to open up a space and visually appear much larger than the space may actually be. This is why most ceilings are actually white-to create the optical illusion of a higher ceiling! To open up a space such as a small powder room or study, it is a good idea to keep the walls painted in pale tones to avoid feeling claustrophobic in a small space!



Using light colours creates a light and happy mood or atmosphere providing a stark white is not used (as this can actually create a clinical feel ). Soft pale hues tend to create a more relaxed and feminine feel to a space. Try using off white curtains instead of dark ones for example, and the whole feel of your room will instantly feel different.

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Using bright colours well can also create a myriad of different looks and feelings in your space. Bright splashes of colour can liven up an interior and really uplift a space if it is looking a little lacklustre. Using too many clashing colours can be chaotic, while using a more restrained colour palette tends to create more harmony. For example, in a Hamptons style home, you may just want to select shades of blues and navy for accessorizing, while in a teenage retreat you may want to enliven the space using several complementary colours at one time.


So go on, and experiment with these trick and colour your life beautiful!