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corner block
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The brief

Downsizing to their forever home our client came to us with a request for a design that captured the natural beauty of the adjacent reserve while being sympathetic to the architectural history of the area.

They were looking to maximise outdoor space and living areas to share with visiting grandchildren, as well as create inspiring spaces to pursue their own hobbies and interests.

Our approach

Twin pitched roof sections allowed us to create separate living and sleeping zones tied together by a connecting foyer section that includes as a semi enclosed hobby and display area for our client to showcase and pursue their passions.

Our clients’ strong materials brief included a preference for aged brick cladding which we paired with a darker contrast to provide a contemporary lift to the façade. A batten screen and security door provides added privacy and is a modern take on enclosed porches common to the Beaumont Estate. An aged brick feature wall and batten screen leads the visitor into the impressive gabled living space.

Raked ceilings frame a custom trapezoidal window which allows for generous northern light and opens the whole space to northern and eastern views.

Living spaces have been positioned with large windows to capture the leafy views of the adjacent reserve while services and vehicle access have been kept to the rear and south of the block.

This single story home is a testament to the clients’ vision for a forever home that is respectful of the neighbourhood they have lived in for 30 years while contemporising that lifestyle and making it true to today’s times.

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