East Brighton Interior Design Synposis

The clients came to Destination Living wanting a 4 bedroom, double story home with a double carport as a preference. They really wanted a design that would incorporate the important elements of their personal lives- history, personalities, cultural and religious beliefs and backgrounds. The architect really harnessed these requirements, which resulted in a completely unique and tailor designed home that perfectly reflects and embodies these requirements. One half of the couple had a preference to include “Earth, Water & wood” among other materials as a “Grounding” fabric to his environment, The other half of this couple wanted the design to be observant and respectful toward Feng Shui ideologies.

A strong bond between internal spaces and external landscape was also critical. Again, this was carefully considered by the architect, who took the opportunity to create a home with well-considered windows to maximize the vista, and bring the outside in. The overall design thus incorporates light & warmth, and engages on a personal level with materiality, space, light and landscape.


The design also needed to accommodate a large body of collected artworks and sculptures and artifacts that they had collected throughout the decades. Each piece had significance and value, and as such needed to be treated with reverence. Careful placement of each piece was considered, and in some cases, detailed joinery pieces designed for them. An artwork schedule and location plans were created in conjunction with the client to ensure that each piece could be showcased to its potential.

Both clients required separate areas to work in their respective professional fields, privately and with confidentiality. The two studies became places where individual joinery items were designed to cater to each client’s needs (one with a bar fridge and coffee maker!)


Upon entering the home, polished black granite instantly creates a feeling of warmth and luxury. As there was a requirement for a shoe cupboard for guests; I designed a stunning dark timber cupboard with an Asian inspired aesthetic. Moving through the entry, a large picture window brings in natural light and allows the viewer to behold a large garden feature with a QuanYin Marble statue. A floating seat at the window allows for an opportunity to sit and contemplate. On the seat, I chose to clad it in white Cararra marble, so it would visually “pop” against the black of the granite floor.

The centre of the home opens out to a large void and an incredible one of a kind stair, painstakingly detailed by the Architect. The Architect and I went to a boutique metal fabricator and found an unusual bronze cladding for the stair treads. The bronze had been treated with acid to create a beautiful patina that worked incredibly well with all of the other finishes.

As both clients wanted a library, this was cleverly placed at the base of the stairs, where their Eames chaise could comfortably sit between custom designed timber bookshelves. Bathed with light form the huge expanse of window to the right of the stair, this library will most certainly become a destination for relaxation within the home.


The Kitchen has an important relationship with the open plan living area. In the kitchen island, I designed a series of shelves that would serve as displays for the clients treasured artifacts. These displays were designed in a dark chocolate timber, serving as a bold contrast between the ceasarstone benchtops , and yet work harmoniously with the tones in the hand scraped Oak floorboards.

Another requirement was to design a home theatre. The palette here just naturally lent itself to warm masculine tones. Dark charcoal thick-pile carpets were used, paired with deep gray walls and dark timber joinery to house the bar and AV equipment. Features such as recessed ceiling with concealed LED lighting and low feature wall lighting, were elements borrowed from commercial theatres, which truly make this room very special.


The main guest room and bathroom downstairs was designed as an elegant and masculine place of luxury. In the bathroom deep tones were used, such as black tiles, dark timber and a stunning stand-alone oval bathtub. In the guest bedroom, a sensuous mood was created with charcoal carpets, chocolate joinery and a rich wallcovering was specified for a feature wall.


Each of the remainder bathrooms and bedrooms organically became inspired by the seasons. TheSummer” ensuite and bedroom employing soft light hues rich in honeyed tones, whilst in the Winter ensuite and bedroom it was decided to use darker tones to reflect the season.


This home embraces harmony and timelessness. Overall, I am absolutely delighted with the aesthetic of this home; it exudes understated luxury, elegance and warmth that perfectly reflect my client’s personalities and lifestyle.