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Eaglemont Project: Architects Response

What was the brief? Our client’s brief was to design a contemporary feeling residence without a stark modern clinical feel and to think outside the square so to speak. Ideally positioned in one of Eaglemont’s most prestigious streets, this luxurious


Best on Show- The top 2015 interior trends from The London design festival

The London Design Festival, conceived in 2003, has quickly garnered a huge international following and is arguably one of the world’s top 5 design festivals. This festival celebrates and applauds pioneers of creativity and emerging designers. It is a premiere


Pantone’s Colours for 2015: Turquoise , Aquamarine, Scuba blue and Lucite green

As we all know, all facets of design are heavily intertwined and interior trends are heavily dictated by fashion colour trends. Following New York fashion week, those fashion forward colour experts at Pantone have recently released their report on the


How to create a luxurious hotel feel in your home

Staying in a luxurious hotel can transport you to another world. Visually, a luxurious hotel is elegant, sophisticated and often a little on the hedonistic side. It is the attention to detail, the finishes used and the drama created that


Interior design ideas for kids

One of the major reasons people decide to build or renovate a home is due to a growing family, yet the little people in the house usually don’t have a voice when it comes to the design. Parents will often


Easy Home Renovation Ideas For Brightening Up A Tired Bathroom

Mornings can be hard enough without having to look at not just your tired face, but a tired looking bathroom! Bathing and beautifying are ideally tasks best undertaken in beautiful surrounds. A bathroom should be a place that is a


Interior Design For Teenage Spaces

Teenagers can seem like very complex creatures at times. They are going through a period of change and personal, mental and physical development. It is when they are taking steps toward independence and becoming mature beings. During this time it

Sweet dreams, How to turn your bedroom into a retreat

A retreat from the stresses of life In an increasingly busy and chaotic world, it is ideal to create a place of sanctuary and respite within your home. Whether it is the stress of work, or the need to escape