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Ultimate houses and smart spaces

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Be Unique: Window Furnishings In Modern Décor

When considering décor, most property owners immediately think of rugs, sofas, and artwork. The more astute owners may even consider colour palettes and attempt to weave a consistent blend of shades and tones throughout a room, but often even this

Interior Design Tile Trends 2017

Moroccan Arabesque inspired patterned tiles There is a continuation of this tile trend with more of a Moroccan bent as well as the introduction of colour- look out for botanic greens & blues This trend is likely to step outside of


New Bathroom Trends & Ideas

Lots of new & ever fabulous bathroom trends & ideas are emerging. In this blog we will be exploring the come back of feature tiles, the use of concrete as a material & look, timber & greening your bathroom with


Kitchen trends are ever evolving with the influx of new finishes on the markets. The best trends emerging this year are; The colours grey Copper Mixing timbers Sculptural feature lights Bold veined stone Ceramic/porcelain faced joinery

How to play with colour in your interiors

Colour is perhaps one of the most powerful tools we have at our fingertips for visually manipulating your interior design & feel & flow of your home design. It is one of the oldest tricks in the books and can be


How To Make An Entrance

The entrance space to your home acts as an all-important transition space between the outside world and the rest of your home. It should set the scene for the entire feel of your home. An entrance of Modern Grandeur Modern


Best Designer Bathrooms – How To Design A Great Bathroom / Ensuite

Designing a great bathroom can be possible with the right amount of foresight and planning. Ergonomics, Layout & Planning Starting with the best possible layout is paramount. Creating spatial efficiency is important and ergonomics need to always be taken into


Feng Shui Basics For Home Design

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that was developed over 3000 years ago to create balanced energies within a space. Feng Shui , like many ancient traditions, is a complex and science and there are several different schools of