Clear the clutter Essentially this important step is about clearing out unnecessary items from your home, and keeping only items that you really love and need. This fresh start will help unblock any stagnant or negative energy in your home and help balance and harmonize your home almost immediately. Dunn-Edwards Black DEA187 White-Fireplace-Living-Room Casa Fontana Livng Room by Stanton Williams Architects

Breath in Light and Air

Allowing plenty of natural light and air flow in your home will also help unblock any negative energy and increase positive flow and energy within your home. Opening windows , blinds and doors to the outside will help with this. Awash in white and wood House of Hiyoshi designed by EANA white, bright, and open

Add Purifying plants

Using indoor plants will increase the air quality within your home and improve the Chi or energy .Lucky bamboo is most commonly used in Feng Shui as it is said to bring peaceful and wise energy as it is a hollow plant it allows the “spirit to flow freely”. Other plants that are commonly used in Feng Shui are palms, rubber plants ,ferns and peace lilies. tropical terrace living room Bamboo pot plant bamboo planted in light bulbs

Incorporate the Elements and Colours

The 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water are represented by different colours. Wood: Green, Brown Fire: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink Earth: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown Metal: White, Grey Water: Blue, Black To incorporate this into your home for example, you could use green to improve health and balance family life. Using yellow in your home is said to aid good times and happy gatherings, while blue is helpful for your career and supporting energy. Yellow staircase modern Interior with grey walls large painting reflected in the simple decor

The Front door

Making the area outside your front door as attractive and appealing as possible is said to be good Feng Shui. For example, have beautiful bright plants, a welcoming doormat and hang a wind chime to increase good energy and positivity. Keeping your front door clean and the space around it uncluttered, improves money, time and energy. stylish natural wood fences gate Tim Davies Landscaping floating concrete steps STONE WALL SMOOTH FINE GRADE RENDER

Enticing Entrance

The front entry of your home is incredibly important as this area absorbs all the Chi or energy into your home. A mirror placed opposite the front door is said to reflect the good energy back out the front door . Create a welcoming entry with a landing place for energy such as a side table and a rug.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

As we spend a large amount of time in our bedrooms, it’s important that the Feng Shui of your bedroom is right. Firstly ensure that your bed is not opposite the bedroom door and make sure you have 2 bedside tables for balance. Use colours that promote good energy for sleep and positive bedroom antics. Choosing shades of pale creamy browns will help with this. When choosing artwork ensure that the imagery is positive such as images that depict love and happiness. White Bedroom inspirational bedroom

Feng Shui in the Kitchen

In Feng Shui kitchens are literally the heart of your home and dictate health and happiness. The placement of appliances is really important and needs to follow the principle of fire (hot) versus water (cold). For example ovens should not be placed beside sinks or dishwashers. Copper pots are said to attract positive chi in a kitchen. All cupboard doors should always be kept shut and it is bad luck to loop tea towels through a cupboard handle! The addition of greenery by way of plants or flowers in your kitchen will also attract positive energy. White with window & greenery splashback kitchen lighting decoration White & Grey with Industrial Touches