Kitchen As the saying goes “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. It is the pivotal place that family life revolves around and therefore it’s absolutely crucial that you invest in a good kitchen. It is really worth having the experts design this as they will take ergonomics and zoning into consideration. We recommended to invest in the best appliances and finishes that you can afford as this will give you the most enjoyment, best usability, functionality and of course will help with resale if you decide to sell one day.   white kitchen with black 2


Spending time getting the right advice for the flooring that best suits your home will really pay off. Hardwearing finishes with a long lifespan are typically the best option, with floorboards being an excellent choice for high traffic areas, such as the entry, living, dining and kitchen areas. The advantage of floorboards over tiles in these areas is that they are softer underfoot and create a lovely warmth and homeliness visually. Always use tiles in wet rooms such as laundries and bathrooms. Using glossy tiles for the walls will make the rooms appear larger and a good no-slip tile for the floors. A good quality allergy-free carpet with a luxurious feel underfoot should provide good longevity and work well in bedrooms. The darker the colour the easier it will be to maintain. foyer parquet 3  


Using a reputable and professional painter for you home will really make the world of difference. A warm neutral palette with a good quality wash and wear paint is best advised.   fireplace & painting 6

Heating & cooling

The correct heating and cooling is imperative to keep your family and home comfortable. In Melbourne we are subject to quite extreme changes in weather conditions and thus the correct methods of heating and cooling will ensure that you and your family are comfortable all year round. Always engage a heating and cooling expert who will be best qualified to meet all of your requirements and expectations.   white fireplace stones 8 fireplace stone clad 9


Your bathrooms are key areas within your home that are worth injecting some money into. Good quality tiles with brilliant aesthetics will be the foundation to really make your bathroom pop. To paraphrase Marcel Wanders “tiles clothe our homes as fashion clothes ourselves”. Top quality stylish fittings and fixtures are also must have pieces. It is best to avoid selecting items that are too “on-trend” as you will find that you may be stuck with taps that you no longer like once the trend has been exhausted. bathroom with skylight 10  


Investing in artwork can be tricky and as such it is highly recommended that you do your research prior to making a significant purchase. Look at prior auction sales and comparable sales data. Private sales, particularly from deceased estates can be truly remarkable in the rare finds made, while contemporary art fairs can be a good way to discover emerging artists. In any case, remember that the rarer an artwork is, the more likely it is to appreciate in value. Another tip is that if you want to start investing in an art collection, make sure you think long-term and only purchase pieces that you love.   abstract black art 13


Whether classic or contemporary, an investment piece of furniture must be an original from a reputable designer and manufacturer. Similarly to the fashion market, the furniture market is absolutely and obscenely flooded with copies of designer furniture. These will never increase in value or be a worthy investment as copies do not carry a trademark or rarely possess good “bones”. While we are still seeing the trend of investing in mid-century pieces strengthening, again similarly to artwork, it is essential that you are investing in pieces that you want to live with and that work in harmony with your existing furniture and decor. chandelier & zebra 14 blue arm chair 15   ‘