An organised kitchen will save you time and money in the long run and there are some simple tips which will assist you in achieving your storage goals. To commence the journey a good de-cluttering of the space is essential. 2 timber and marble kitchen storage 3 lots of kitchen storage


The most important part in kitchen planning is firstly to de clutter the existing space. It requires a lot of effort and determination and being honest in what you really use on a day to day basis. Look at how kitchen utensils are stored in your drawers and cupboards. Are big and bulky items taking up prime real estate in your kitchen? A good cull in the kitchen will free up plenty of space and make you feel cleansed in the process. If you’re struggling with the culling of unnecessary items in your kitchen, find some inspiration from Peter Walsh, Home Organising Expert. A quote that always offers me inspiration is A place for everything and everything in its place’ – Benjamin Franklin. 6 underbench storage

Redesigning your kitchen to maximise storage

If your budget doesn’t allow for structural changes then you might consider simple design solutions that will maximise the existing space of your kitchen. Remodeling an existing kitchen cabinet with a folding or rolling door will hide appliances and counter clutter. It’s a relatively small design feature that can add the most impact and create more kitchen bench space. Furthermore, having more counter bench space is visually more appealing and harmonious. 5 retro kitchen storage 7 undersink storage Introducing a small end cupboard to a pantry design is the best way to store larger and bulky items such as brooms and cleaning products. It makes them more accessible and therefore saving you time. Another design feature which will give you further flexibility is the addition of adjustable shelving. It will offer the opportunity to gain space, as your needs change. This is another example how forward planning will optimise the end result and get you the right kitchen for now and in the future. 8 vertical storage 9 Bench end storage If you’re in a position to renovate your kitchen, then take the time to consider the existing design and how you currently use your kitchen. Are you the type to spend hours entertaining in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking? Would you benefit from two ovens rather than one? Is the option of introducing a butler pantry a possibility with the existing space? The benefits of the redesign, all come with the forward planning.

Simple Kitchen Storage ideas

Being organised is all about maximising your time. Ask yourself, can I find everything I need, in the least possible time? Traffic Flow : Are my plates positioned near the dishwasher? Are my cups and mugs near the kettle? Do I need to change the positioning of items to maximise the flow of traffic in the kitchen? Label maker : Zoning areas with a label maker is a visual tool and helps items return back to their home. Anything from spices and baking needs can be labelled. Cull: We touched on the importance of decluttering. This will become a household chore and will need to be explored on a regular basis. Some things to think about are looking for any damaged crockery, tupperware products that are missing lids and throwing away any items that are expired in your pantry. 10 labelling 11 Period kitchen Storage solutions from Howard Storage are fantastic for maximising dead space in your cupboards. Storage solutions can be suspended from cupboards, attached to shelves or left freestanding. Elevated shelving will assist you in using the dead space in your deep cupboards. 12 wire rack storage 13 stepped storage An alternative idea is to invest in a full extension drawer or a lazy susan in a corner cupboard. This will enable corner cupboards to be used to their full potential. Pull out pantries are a space saving tool, providing enough space to store household groceries in a central location. These are very popular in kitchen designs, as all the contents are visible, taking away the risk of double ups and forgotten groceries at the back of the pantry cupboard. Companies like Hafele have a great range of pull out pantries which can be integrated into any kitchen dependent on your needs. Cutlery trays offer some fantastic storage solutions, based on your needs, they keep the area very organised and clutter free. Some options also include a spice rack, which are very useful in a busy kitchen. 14 Hafele pull out pantry 15 Hafele cutlery tray 16 Kitchen corner drawer