Concrete can add an urban edge to your home. The possibilities for creative expression using concrete inside are seemingly endless. Concrete floors create a smooth, dust free and easy to maintain surface. Polished concrete floors are a thing of beauty, however you must consider the hardness both actually and visually, Consider in living areas to use a rug to soften this.

Perhaps the grey colour of concrete is not to your taste. Well don’t despair. There are a myriad of surface treatments that can be applied to concrete floors, the most popular of which is an epoxy coating. Epoxy resin is a clear or coloured coat which when applied to concrete can also increase the wearability of your floor.

At our Ivanhoe East Family Home polished concrete is finished in warm tones that create an inviting atmosphere.

Pre-cast concrete panels fixed to your walls can have a smooth face, exposed aggregate, be coloured, textured, or even three dimensional to create depth and visual interest.

Concrete panels are an innovative and creative way to dress up a wall. With the combination of concrete walls and timber, a room can at once take on an almost masculine sophistication.

Polished concrete benchtops, whether used in the kitchen or bathroom, are durable, minimal and elegant in their sleek beauty. The advantage of concrete benchtops over natural stone or similar is that it is completely customizable.

Concrete benchtops are able to moulded or sculpted into different forms, coloured and textured . Concrete benchtops look incredible and are an instant style update.