While the development of a property can be financially rewarding, many developers can get themselves into all sorts of trouble resulting in much frustration because they fail to understand or properly investigate their site’s constraints. Many tread the minefield without doing sufficient homework resulting in council rejection or continual town planning re-submissions. There is much more to property development than “how many can I fit on this site”. The management and understanding across a detailed series of steps is required from the moment you first consider a potential project to the time you complete the physical construction and begin ongoing asset management. Below are the major components of multi residential developments that need to be explored and understood; • Sourcing the site • Site Feasibility • Purchase (if applicable) • Design • Town Planning • Working Drawings • The Builder • Construction • Completion Each component is critical ….. none more than the clear and concise understanding of what you can and cannot build on the property before you venture too far down the road. Remember the 5p’s. Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance. Feel free to contact us should you require advice on your development. Ph: 1300 637 837 ‘