It’s exactly the same thing with your home; accessories when added to a boring interior can make or break the appearance of your home. Modern Loungeroom Decorations Firstly, what room or area needs lifting or decorating? What is the room used for? This will largely dictate your direction. For example, the accessories in a bedroom will most likely be vastly different to those in a living room. In a bedroom you may wish to display more personal accessories such as beautifully framed photographs of your loved ones alongside your very best perfumes and a jewelry display. Elegant Home with Classic Fireplace Accessories

Establish the mood and look

Establishing a “look” or theme is something often discussed, and of course must also be adhered to when decorating your home. If it is understated relaxed chic you are after then best to leave the bold coloured accessories aside! Are you trying to create a sultry and masculine feeling or a soft and feminine one? Do you want to create a formal or casual feeling? Do you want your home to have a restrained feel or a nonchalant one? Whatever the case may be, it’s essential that these kinds of answers are tackled from the outset. Neutral Space With Pillows And Colourful Home Accessories Often a dull or lifeless room can be completely, and I mean completely, transformed with careful, well selected and well placed accessories and decorative items. With some careful planning, purchasing and arrangement of items, your home has the ability to wear many hats, and this really is the beauty and power in home decoration. It’s really important to remember that your floors, walls and joinery are really a blank canvas if you like, on which you have the ability to paint your magic. And the best part is, as accessories are generally loose items, they can be updated as often as your taste and budget allows for. If you are in doubt as to how to proceed, my advice is to invest in the expert advice of an Interior Designer or Decorator to assist you with selections and placement. Colourful Lounge Room Decoration

How to display greenery and artifacts

Flowers and plants are instant ways to add life to your home. These will also need to be carefully selected. Some species of plants can be quite sculptural and architectural in their form, whilst others can create more of a cottage feel. Likewise with flowers. Look for flowers with forms and colours that compliment your interior and always select vases that are in keeping with the overall aesthetic. Figtree  and Green Plants for Living Room Decoration Objects will play a really important part in tying your room together, and again these will be room specific. You may wish to display treasured artifacts you have collected on overseas trips. My tip here is to always group objects in odd numbers (i.e., groups of 3, 5, 7 etc.) and in similar colours. This will look more deliberate and pulled together. Black and White Interior Accessories Rectangular Glass Vases Decor Idea

Cushions and throws

Never underestimate the power of Cushions as a simple way to add personality into your home. Whether on a sofa, an armchair, a bed or window seat, the colours, textures and patterns of cushions used in these instances, really will serve to enhance absolutely any space. The most humble of beige sofas can be transformed into a stunning focal point by the quick throw of a couple of beautiful cushions. Colour Pops Artwork matching Furniture Similarly, throws can work equally as well. Whether elegantly draped over the edge of your chaise, or delicately placed on the end of a bed, a throw adds an instant level of luxury, instantly! Again, you will want the selection to work in harmony with your interior. I personally like using a plush mohair or faux fur throw on a bed, while a more diaphanous throw in a contrasting tone or colour works best draped over a sofa. Bed Throw

The selection of artwork

Art as you all know is really very personal and completely subjective. However it is definitely a good opportunity to inject some personality and colour to an otherwise lack lustre interior. Framed art gives a more opulent and finished appearance, while funky unframed canvases are a more contemporary approach to artwork in your home. Again, colours will play a really important role. Art consultants may be engaged to help you with all important subject matter, colour and placement. Blast of Color in the Form of Canvass Artwork Art in interior space

How mirrors create illusions with space

Regular readers of our blogs will attest to the fact that I love using mirrors to open up a room. Mirrors can be one of the most commanding accessories you can invest in. A large mirror will enhance any room with its ability to create the optical illusion of opening up a space, and reflecting light and life in and around a space. Select a frame that honours and enhances the rest of your interior decoration. Classy Chandelier from Ochre

Designer books

Careful placement of designer books looks stylish and chic. Place them in a stack on a coffee table, sideboard or armoire. Creating little vignettes with books, candles and flowers is attractive and picturesque, as well as telling a personal style story. Coffee Table Decoration - Books and Flowers Simple Vase On Books Simple Vase Of Peonies


Rugs serve to define a furniture group, create warmth and also bring a polished feel to a room. Rugs need to be selected based on room size, texture, pattern, and of course colour. I prefer larger rugs as they tend to make a room feel bigger. Small rugs can look mean and ill considered. A splash of pattern and colour is a fun way to update a neural space. Persian Era Rug Patterned  Living Room Rug So why not spend a cold, wet, wintery day visiting some home wares shops, and purchase some gorgeous accessories to lift and update your home. After all, accessories are a girl’s best friend. ‘