• A young girl and her mother sitting around their new kitchen table, in their new custom built home by Destination Living.


Design and build your dream home

At Destination Living, we help bring your ideas to life with our specialised approach to creating and building a truly custom home that is unique to you and your lifestyle.  We are in house architects, interior designers and builders and together, we’ll bring your vision to reality.

Our approach to designing and building architectural luxury homes works for all blocks; from a simple site to more difficult, narrow blocks and sloping blocks. From brief to build, our method is streamlined, quality-assured and most importantly, collaborative; putting you at the heart of everything we create.

If you are ready to design and build your dream home, please organise a personal consultation.

Build your dream home

A unique approach to building


A different approach to building luxury homes

A truly streamlined, full-service and collaborative approach to designing and building luxury, custom homes.

A woman reaching her hand up into the top cupboard in her new kitchen custom built by Destination Living

Our process

At Destination Living, our process is a blend of research, creativity and quality. We make sure to keep open lines of communication at every stage of the building process, so you can be confident you are always informed to make the best possible decisions for your future home.

Three people are reviewing designs on paper around a table

Expert architects

Our Melbourne-based architects are experienced in creating timeless, luxury homes that are designed to be memorable spaces which inspire, engage and excite. They work collaboratively with you to ideate a home that will be loved by you and everyone who experiences it.

two round basins sitting on top of a stone top bathroom bench

Masterful builders

Our construction team in Melbourne have been carefully selected based on rigorous requirements. They are chosen because of their eye for detail, design appreciation, and service ethos. By our careful selection, you can be confident that your custom designed home is built to the highest standards.

Brand new kitchen in a custom built home by Destination Living. A white stone top island bench with a tap, basin and stools, and another bench behind running along the wall

Use virtual reality to design your dream home

Iconography of a floor plan next to a pair of virtual reality goggles. Destination Living can give you a virtual walkthrough of your custom built home before its built.

A man smiling in a black shirt wearing a pair of black virtual reality goggles

Walk through your virtual home with our immersive 3D experience

With Destination Living Virtual Reality Architecture, you can experience the design of your new home before it’s built. Our technology allows you to walk through every room and see each aspect of your vision to ensure it’s precisely the way you want it to be. Learn more about how we use virtual reality.

If you are ready to take the next step in your home building journey, book a personalised virtual reality building journey with our custom home builders experts.

Luxury custom homes

A woman holding her dog in the living room of her new custom built home. The room contains wooden floors, a fireplace, television and grey couch.

Knock down rebuild

Often the best way to buy into or stay in a neighbourhood is to knock down an outdated building and create a new home designed just for you.

A young woman sitting cross legged on her neatly made bed, on her Macbook computer in her new bedroom by Destination Living.

Dual occupancy

Building two properties on a single block often makes financial sense. It’s a common approach for owners to create another home on their land to rent or sell, while re-imagining and re-building their current home.

A mother and daugther standing at their island bench in the kithen of their custom built home, browsing through a magazine together.

Difficult blocks

Home sites come in all shapes and sizes. At Destination Living, our experience with difficult blocks, such as narrow, sloping blocks or north facing has led us to believe that the benefits of these blocks often outweigh the challenges, as long as your vision is approached creatively.

The outside of two custom built homes by Destination Living. Both very architecturally different to each other, while living in unison.

one rectangular shape to represent narrow blocks. Two rectangular shapes to represent dual occupancy. A triangular shape to represent sloping blocks. A cup shape to represent difficult blocks.

Designing a home for complex sites

At Destination Living, our architectural expertise will help you make the most of any site, regardless of its shape, slope and orientation. We believe that every site has the potential to house a luxury, custom built home.

If you have a difficult block build and would like to talk about how we can help you realise that dream, get in touch and start your journey today.

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What our clients say

Christine & Nick Heritage, Northcote
Coming in for the first client meeting with the architect and seeing the level of thought that went into the homes designed is what sold us. When we first saw the plans we were very excited, and thought they nailed it.

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