Doors and windows for indoor outdoor living

As the summer and festive season are well and truly upon us we will no doubt be spending more time entertaining, or being entertained, outdoors with our friends and family. So we have put together some ideas to create beautiful spaces by integrating your indoor and outdoor living.

There are many ways to integrate the interior and exterior spaces of your home. One of the most direct is by opening a whole wall (or two) of a room onto your outdoor area. Often they will be glazed walls or doors that can open by a variety of methods including sliding, bi-fold and overhead folding doors.

Bifold doors

2 bifold door

39 folding door

Bifold windows can also be utilised to create a great link between indoors and out, they act well as a servery or bar.

1 bifold window

Sliding doors

There are many different types of sliding door that can create a beautiful opening to the outdoors, they are also one of the most cost effective in terms of large scale glass doors.

3 sliding doors

4 sliding glass wall

5 sliding wall and clerestory window

This sliding door track is recessed into the floor creating a seamless transition.

6 flush floor channel

Sliding doors can also be retracted into a wall cavity to help create those clean and minimal lines while opening the space right up.

7 sliding door cavity

Overhead doors & windows

Seldom used, overhead opening windows and doors create a detail of interest and help to get them out of the way.

8 fold up door

9 fold up glass door

10 fold up shutters

11 fold up windows

Pivot doors

Another option in the glass door market is the pivot door. They are popular with architects for their stylish looks and point of difference.

12 black pivot door

13 corner pivot door

14 pivot doors

Double height ceilings create volumes of light and airy space.

15 double height concrete wall

16 double height doors

17 bark double height

With large openings in the building structure and ample glazing these examples show a distinct Lightness of form.

18 white open space

19 beach open space

20 mountains open space

Courtyard & Backyards

The stepped and elevated retaining wall gardens with cacti and succulents create a sense of drama and visual interest.

21 cactus retainer

On a narrow block this simple floor plan flows from internal to external living then onto the lawn.

22 narrow block

These two examples show how a pool can become a centre piece to an internal courtyard.

23 tropical courtyard

24 pool courtyard

Greening a courtyard with plantings and foliage helps to break up all the right angles and flat planes. It also creates a lush and inviting area and softens the space.

25 wall garden

27 bamboo courtyard

Semi-enclosed spaces with warm and inviting materials create for a cosy and intimate outdoor area.

28 timber and fire

29 glass ceiling

30 hanging seat

Greening the outdoors

While it is quite fashionable to make the outdoor living spaces a seamless continuation of the main living areas there is also a big trend for showing definitive change and creating a completely different mood by setting a very different space.

This outdoor setting has a distinct softer feel than the house and the chandelier creates a playful feel.

31 outdoor chandelier

Dining under the leaves, a sublime and simple space for endlessly long family lunches.

32 outdoor lunches

The use of trees, wall ivy and pot plants in this small courtyard creates a curated green feeling, softening the edges of the space and creating a sense that the greenery expands beyond the courtyard.

33 courtyard potplants

A creative way of weaving the existing trees into the fabric of the building.

34 deck trees

Capturing the view

If you are fortunate enough to have a stunning view you will certainly want to open up your living spaces to take in the scenery.

35 ocean view

36 district view

37 jungle view